I'm passionate about philosophy, but after having my girls I'm even more passionate about Mommy Matters

About Us

                                         March 2013 (Squeeker 1 month old)

     I'm A.R. Braithwaite and I am the proud mother of two beautiful girls, I have given them the pseudonyms Squeaker and Goose. My partner in this wonderful adventure will be referred to as 'Husband', 'Engineer', 'Hot One', etc. depending on my mood and I will try to be clear to whom I am referring when I write. Hot One and I have been married for five years. 
       I graduated awhile back with a bachelors degree in Philosophy and Creative Writing. Hot One graduated with a bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering, thus his other name 'Engineer'. I have spent almost my entire life being a student and it has been a weirdly difficult transition to being a stay at home mom, but so far it is equal parts amazing! 
     I love having intellectually stimulating conversations and debates, as well as writing poetry. This blog will serve as my medium to continue enjoying philosophy and discuss being a mother, as well as simply letting me have a writing outlet. 
    We are a small family, mostly introverted and we're all definitely crazy, but I wouldn't want to have it any other way.

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