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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Times, They Are A-Changin'

     So, Husband graduated last week. We're all grown up now, right?


     Whether or not we are actually grown up, we are now on the path to more adult responsibilities and never looking back. This marks a time in ours lives when suddenly things that didn't matter at all, and seemed like eons in the future, will matter a lot. Like buying a house, buying a minivan, going on family vacations without a dime to spare, health insurance benefits, life insurance, etc. It's kind of scary to think that these things are now within reach. Everyday there is something changing and new going on, but it somehow means more now that the major decisions are thrust into our hands.
     Squeeker is talking more and more now. I'm going over colors, numbers, and the alphabet with her every morning (signing while saying them and pointing to examples in her books). Everyday she manages to say something new, like "diaper" or "yellow". It's amazing and I love it, she is going to be a very very talkative person throughout her life though, so be prepared. I'm trying to be. 
      Husband is applying for full-time engineering jobs, he has had a couple of interviews, and we are hopeful. As of right now, however, he is still working as an intern full-time and it looks like he will be able to keep that job until he gets a new one. We are blessed and everything is working out somehow. 
      I am still going though an existential crisis, of sorts, and am writing everyday. I have still been submitting my work to poetry competitions. A friend and I are brainstorming and working on a new website/blog that will have author interviews and book reviews on it as well, she writes articles for the Deseret News and for some reason wants to work with me making some hopefully really awesome stuff. This friend and I are still helping to take care of twins in our ward twice a week, but their family will be moving in July and that won't be an added responsibility anymore. I'm torn about it, I'm grateful for the experiences and Squeeker's ability to be versatile because of the work we have done with them, but I am also happy to get more of my time back.
     Everyday is a new step, something else to keep track of and a new experience. It is exhausting, but I love it. So, that's my little update. Also, the new kids museum at Thanksgiving point, The Museum of Natural Curiosity, is amazing! A great place for kids of all ages, Squeeker could have spent weeks there and been happy. 

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