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Monday, October 21, 2013

Unwinding and Reprioritizing

     Currently I have very little downtime in my life, but I have been trying to prioritize taking time for myself to do things I enjoy. I think it is really important for people to take the time to have fun with friends. We are social creatures after all. About once a month I have been setting aside time to go out for a girl's night with a couple of other friends. My husband takes care of our little girl for the night, and does a very good job without me, while I go out to dinner. We eat out at a place we either haven't tried or we simply don't go to often, then we do some sort of activity or go to one of our houses and watch a movie our husbands are grateful not to watch with us. 
     This last girls night out we went to the restaurant The Red Butte Cafe and Bakery, which served the best french onion soup I have ever had and sold way too many amazing desserts to choose from! We each ended up choosing one and shared them all at my friend's house while watching "13 Going on 30". Before we did that, however, we went to a fun place called Color Me Mine. I hadn't ever been there before, it is a really fun ceramic painting store/studio. The way it works is that you pay a flat studio fee, which gives you access to their paints, paint brushes, any other materials they have, and they fire your finished piece for you. Then you buy a blank ceramic item, they have things that range from cheap Christmas tree ornaments to a $50 piggy bank the size of my daughter. I chose a Halloween ghoul mug and painted it like a zombie. I have been watching and reading The Walking Dead lately, plus zombies are just plain cool. 
     I should also confess that, as silly as it may seem, I love mugs. Every time I'm in a cute store that has mugs, even when they are hidden amongst other merchandise, I will find them and covet them. My husband makes fun of me when we are out shopping, browsing someplace like Anthropologie, and I keep pointing out all of the cute mugs that I like. Despite how much he makes fun of me, he still bought me a cute owl mug last Christmas. He's a good husband.
     Going out with my friends is always a fun experience, and I love trying new things. However, I do always miss my baby and am happy to be home after a few hours. Some people feel guilty, and I did too, about feeling the need to spend some time away from home. I think that everyone feels this way sometimes and everyone needs to change up their schedule, experience new things. It helps us to feel alive and renewed, seeing what the world has to offer. This need, for me anyway, is met easily by just taking the time to enjoy these kinds of outings every once and awhile. Plus, I also love experiencing new things with my family and watching my baby girl figure out the world for herself. Everyday she finds something I consider to be mundane and thinks it is utterly fascinating, it's a new world for her.
     How do you unwind and what activities make you feel well-balanced? 

 Painting my awesome zombie mug at Color Me Mine

My finished zombie mug and the owl mug that my husband gave me last Christmas.


Squeaker discovering her ability to stand up in bed.
Needless to say we lowered it as far as it could go after this incident.  

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