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Friday, August 30, 2013

Baby Proofing AH!

     My little girl is so close to crawling, I can't believe it! She keeps getting on her stomach and straitening her arms, then straitening her legs until she is on her tippy toes. She also gets on her knees and tries to scoot herself forward, it's so cute and amazing how quickly she is learning! It is all very exciting of course, but also scary and not always fun. All of you know why: baby proofing! We have been trying to do this little by little, taking mental notes of the things she likes to get into that are potentially dangerous and what we can do with them, but we haven't done a whole lot in actual physical changes yet.
      The other day I babysat for a friend and went from having one 6 month old to also having a 20 month old and a 3 year old. It was pretty chaotic, to say the least, and a trial by fire when it comes to baby proofing/child proofing. My books, computer, records, chargers, and pretty much everything else within a small person's reach came into question. I think I should get an award for being able to keep track of them, even when we were in the same room. It was a good experience actually, because I do know more about what I need to do in the future with Squeaker. However, that was only for a couple of hours and someday soon she will be roaming around doing the same things except it will be around the clock!
      There are so many childproofing products, I'm not sure what would be helpful or necessary. How many gates will we need and where should we put them? Should we use hardware mounted or pressure mounted gates? What type of plug covers are the best? Do we need to anchor all of the furniture? How necessary are edge guards or window guards and stops? Plus there's the toilet and kitchen cupboards. In the end, I wonder if I should just keep going without them and see what happens. However, if that means that Squeaker will end up in the hospital then I don't want to risk it.
     So, I'm thinking that anchoring the furniture is pretty important. Covering the plugs (hopefully with ones that Squeaker won't figure out how to take off) and making sure any cleaning supplies or other chemicals are in a locked cupboard. Plus stairs need to be gated off, of course. Beyond that, does it just come down to what is a nuisance? 
     I want to know why babies, and kids in general, always seem to want to get into exactly the thing you don't want them to get into. Is it a law of physics? Squeaker loves my cell phone and I don't know how to make her stop being so curious about it, without just letting her have it and then ruin it. She might not ruin it completely, but I know that she'll put it in her mouth and subsequently drench it in drool. I can tell she's going to be a handful, getting into absolutely everything she can get her hands on and then getting mad at me when I don't let her have it. Again, it's an exciting time, but also a scary/difficult one.
    Anyway, I'm a new mom who is looking up way too many unhelpful websites. We need help, what are your experiences? What do you wish you knew before your baby started crawling and walking around? What has worked for you?

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