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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Moving With a Baby

     Husband, Squeaker, and I moved into the upstairs apartment of a house this past weekend. I can already tell this place will be our home for a long time, it feels like we belong here. I haven't felt this good about a house since when I was a kid in the one I grew up in. Now or little family has the room to grow with 3 bedrooms instead of two. We also are privileged enough to have air conditioning, a dish washer, a washer and dryer that we don't have to share or dump quarters into, high ceilings, and a general area that will be much easier to baby proof than our last little place. It's pretty amazing is all I'm trying to say and I am so grateful!

Husband and Squeaker the morning of our last moving day. 

     We moved little by little (over the course of about 5 days) instead of all in one day, which went well. No matter how we would have done it though, moving is just harder with a baby. The last time we moved was only about a year ago and it was a terrible experience, I was pregnant and sick. We did it all in just a day or two and I was so stressed the whole time. After we moved I didn't feel like unpacking anything and even after being there for 10 months we didn't have our pictures or other decorations put up. 
     This move was better in some ways and worse in others. Squeaker seems to be going through a phase where even when she is totally fine and has plenty of toys around her to play with she still cries. When I look at her and ask, "what's wrong?" she starts smiling at me and even sometimes laughs. Kind of like in this picture: 

     It's as though she is saying, "Nothing is wrong as long as all you do all day everyday is look at me and talk to me." I love her so much and it is wonderful to see her sweet smile, but this attitude made packing and moving much harder than it would have been otherwise. I did a lot while she was napping, but Squeaker only takes 30-45 minute naps lately, which leaves little time to do things during that time. I actually feel good during this move and have the desire, as well as the energy, to unpack everything and decorate, but that desire is somewhat thwarted for the same reason it was difficult to move in the first place. 
     I love being a mother and having Squeaker around of course, but she is just bipolar crazy sometimes. She doesn't even know what she wants sometimes. She just knows that she wants me to know it and do it for her. I imagine it has been stressful and hard for her to move as well, but I'm not sure what else I could have done except do my best to make she was taken care of and entertained while I worked. Sometimes we would be in the same room together and she would be on her play mat happy as can be until the moment I turned around to start boxing things up. My husband works full time this summer and that made it harder as well because I did most of the packing so he could help move the stuff when he got home. I'm grateful we had the option of moving in little by little because I have no idea what I would have done if it would have been a one or two day event. It was quite the experience that I hope I don't have to go through again, at least for another 4 years or something. Maybe by then Squeaker will be able to help a littler herself, but I won't get my hopes up for that. Anyone else have fun moving experiences with their kids or ways they coped with multitasking? 

 Husband and I in front of our new house. He likes to pretend he isn't as stoked as I am. 


  1. Home is anywhere where the 3 of you are. I know your apartment will be filled with love and laughter and make all who enter feel welcome. Many many joys ahead. Love you!!


  2. Loved seeing you out on your walk. And so seriously happy you are back in the ward! Looking forward to seeing you in the neighborhood :)