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Monday, April 15, 2013

Traumatizing Doctor Appointments

     I'm not usually one to have issues with doctor appointments or associate pain with seeing doctors. However, last week I was given reason to think differently (even though I volunteered Squeaker and I for the procedures)
     Let me explain - Squeaker had her two month immunizations and I had my IUD inserted within the last week.
     The face that Squeaker is making in this picture, although very sad, is not even close to the trauma-ridden face she made when she received her first immunization shots. At first she was fine, laying on the doctor's office table completely relaxed, but I watched as her little body registered the fact that it was in a kind of pain it hadn't ever experienced before. Her face became a bright shade resembling fire engine red, she began a silent scream, which quickly progressed into repeated sharp cries and tears welled up immediately. I haven't felt so bad for anything or anyone in my life, it was definitely traumatizing for both of us. I was able to calm her down after a few minutes before we made the drive back home and she slept some of the pain away. The whole rest of the day her little legs ached, Husband and I slowly stretched them out, as well as massaged them while she drifted in and out of a fitful sleep. I'm grateful that she didn't have a fever or any other symptoms. She also didn't seem to have any issues during the days following, but I pretty much never want to take her to the doctor's office ever again. I will, of course, knowing that the immunizations are helping her and I'm grateful that she is healthy. I might give her some infant Tylenol before we go next time, I just didn't want to drug her unnecessarily before knowing what would happen. I know I'm being a tad dramatic, but as soon as I became a mother Squeaker's pain has given me pain. It is truly an odd phenomenon
     Now for my appointment story, which was not as painful as I thought it would be. However, the aftermath has also been frustrating. During the actual placement of the IUD I simply felt some pinching and cramping. After the IUD was placed I sat up, feeling warm and dizzy, so I had to wait awhile in the doctor's office before driving. The dizziness didn't last long and I felt fine for awhile, but about an hour or two I started to have intense cramping pains. I had to stop cleaning and doing things around the apartment, resting on the sofa after taking some ibuprofen instead. Ever since the IUD was placed I have had intermittent pinching pains and bleeding. I just want my body, especially my feminine parts, to be normal again! (Sorry if this is too much information) 
     So, I really don't like doctors lately and I am not looking forward to going again.
At least I have this cutie to spend all of my time with now. She makes even bad days worth living through. 


  1. I was always able to hold Elanor while they gave her shots. While she still cried and was upset, I think it helped. It sounded like she was laying on the table/bed thing, am right? If so, next time hold her while they give her the shots.

    1. That's a good idea, I didn't know I had an option because they just told me to lay her down on the table. Thank you!

  2. I agree with holding them! Almost all of Macie's shots were given at the health dept which doesn't even have tables and we just crossed her arms and held herr tight. I think we both did much better.