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Monday, April 22, 2013

An Ever Changing Life

      Squeaker is progressing everyday, changing before I can even register what has happened. She is actually sleeping through the night now and taking good naps during the day too! I still owe it to adopting the Baby Wise method I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Squeaker & I wake up at 8am and begin our day with a feeding. She is fairly consistent the rest of the day: eating about every 3 hours and staying awake for awhile before sleeping. She takes two or three good naps and is much more happy during her wake times lately, I can't wait for her to start laughing. She eats sometime between 9pm and 10pm, then sleeps until around 5am, I feed her before she goes to sleep again immediately. Then we wake up at 8am and start over again. I think that her new sock friend (one of my knee-high socks with the foot filled with rice and tied off at the ankle) helps her to sleep better as well. She likes to sleep with it resting on her chest and stomach, I think she feels like we are still holding her while she sleeps. I'm so grateful, it is wonderful to get consistent rest for myself and feel like my life has a routine again. 
     Squeaker has been surprising me in many other ways as well. She has almost turned over from her belly to her back, balancing almost completely on one side and going back down on her belly, so close! When I hold her out in front of me with her feet touching the ground, she actually starts to try to take steps towards me and can hold some of her own weight. She can hold her head up pretty well and talks to us all of the time now. This is such an exciting time for me to witness, the progression of life that moves so very quickly. 

     I have started to try cloth diapers, finally. I was nervous at first and it took me a long time to decide that I wanted to buy them. I currently have three cloth diapers that are three different brands (I wanted to try a variety and see which one I liked the best before buying more). The three brands I am trying are bumGenius (4.0), FuzzyiBunz (Elite), and Rumparooz (I'm trying a version with Velcro on the front for this one, the other two use snaps to close). All of them are one size pocket diapers and so far I am impressed. I bought them, as well as a wet/dry bag, from a company called Naturally Chic (www.chicdiapers.com) when I was at the Great Cloth Diaper Change in Sandy this past weekend. It was very fun being around so many excited mothers and their sweet babies, all wearing cute bulky cloth diapers. So far the bulkiness and precarious washing are my only issues with cloth diapers, they definitely take up more room than disposables and some of Squeaker's smaller onsies barely fit around them. The wash routine I follow consists of a warm rinse, a hot wash with fragrance-free detergent, and another rinse before tumble drying them thoroughly.I think that the washing will bother me less when I have more diapers to wash at a time and can wash every other day instead of everyday. As long as I change her about every 2-3 hours and notice when she has a large pooping episode then she doesn't soak through them. It was also a little difficult to decide what size Squeaker was and how many snaps she needed to have fastened. FuzziBunz has a obnoxious way of tightening, they use elastics that are tightened or loosened according to size with bottons; so far I think that bumGenious and Rumparooz are easier to manage because they only use snaps to tighten. I like the Velcro on the Rumparooz, but I have been told that the Velcro will wear out faster than just using snaps. I guess it will simply take time to see what works best for us. 

      For a personal update: I don't regret my decision to go forward with getting an IUD, although it was a pain at first (as described in my last post). I don't even know it is there anymore and I hope it stays that way. 
     A couple of products I recently bought and how they have turned out: Squeaker doesn't like to be swaddled anymore, but we love using the aden + anais blankets that I bought. They keep her perfectly warm, but not too warm as the weather gets more summer-like. They are a great size too, perfect for her growing body because many of her other blankets are too small to wrap her in now and all of them seem to make her too hot, but I hate not having her covered up with something. Another product I bought last week was a Bumbo, which I ended up deciding to take back to the store because Squeaker doesn't seem to like it at all. She would sit in it for a minute or two and then decide to tell me in the loudest way possible that she needs to get out as soon as possible. Since it wasn't cheap and it isn't a necessity I decided that I didn't really care to keep it in order to make her get used to it or see if she likes it later.

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