I'm passionate about philosophy, but after having my girls I'm even more passionate about Mommy Matters

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why Blog?

     Four generations in one photo, it's truly amazing and in a way it exemplifies why I have decided to blog. 

     This is my second blog, the first one being dedicated exclusively to my poetry and I only posted on about every 6 months. I didn't really feel committed before, but now more than I ever I want to share my life and ideas with others. I want to connect with people and have a space where brain storming is possible. So, I don't know why other people blog, but this is why I've decided to and I'll see where it goes from here.
     I am a new mother as of about 5 weeks ago and have been learning little by little what it means to be completely concerned about and enveloped in raising another human being. The internet is overflowing with different opinions and advise, not to mention what I hear from family and friends.
    I hope this blog will serve as a place to share something meaningful with the world and also process what the world has to offer me, sifting through all of the dirt to find precious stones. 
     If you are a blogger, why do you blog?


  1. Hi Alysha. Stacie Lawrence here...I enjoyed reading a few of your blog posts and hope to come back for more. I use to blog a LOT...keeping about 7 going ...pretty well for a while but it became to big...or life overwhelmed me...but I miss it. I blogged to stay sane. Truth...I loved writing/venting my thoughts and still enjoy going back and reading some of them. It really puts growth into perspective, and sometimes I find myself experiencing the same trials/feelings that I have written in the past and it is humorous (or should be) to think I am still struggling with the same stuff. Anyhow, I really think it is a great way to journal and share stuff. I love what you have shared here about motherhood and breastfeeding. It has been a few years (10 plus) but I can say I would share just what you have. Experienced the pain and struggles but also the pleasure of knowing what I was doing was best for my babies (and for me). I am thankful I endured it...and wish I had known more mothers who were going through the same thing I was. It would have been such a comfort to be able to share and talk more about it. Best to you. You are a beautiful mommy with a lovely daughter. I hope you always find enjoyment in your new career!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I am finding a lot of joy in this new career, motherhood is amazing! I'm glad that you are enjoying my writing, I have recently gained some energy back and decided that I needed to do this with some of my time. I miss the 33rd ward and I hope you're doing well :)