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Friday, March 29, 2013

To IUD or Not IUD?

     That is the question I am dealing with. My OB/GYN recommends having Mirena placed, an IUD, after having Squeaker. Birth control has many options and I'm not sure if this is truly the right choice for me though. If I choose to get Mirena then I would have it placed next week at my 8 week postnatal appointment. Birth control is also very personal, so forgive me if what I talk about is uncomfortable.
     I've always had issues with the idea of having something foreign inside of me, including tampons. I got over this issue and do use tampons, but a piece of plastic that remains for years inside of my uterus makes me cringe even more. The real issue I have, however, is that with all of the research I have done there isn't any consensus on the issue of using IUDs. Some people love them, don't notice it at all and haven't had any problems. Others have had serious problems and won't ever get one again. I fear the worst possible scenario, I will pull the IUD out inadvertently and go through a lot of unnecessary pain. It is also possible to get pregnant while having Mirena in place, as with any birth control there remains this possibility, but the child can become seriously hurt if Mirena isn't taken out quickly after conception. Mirena can also stop periods altogether, so how would I know that I am pregnant if I do concieve while Mirena is in place? I would hate for any harm to fall upon my next child if something like this goes wrong. I also found that Mirena contains hormones and have enjoyed being off of the pill, not taking any extra hormones, because I feel better. I am a pretty hormonal and emotional person at times without any help from anything else. I also can't take the pill while breast feeding anyway if I decided to go back on it instead. Condoms and pills would probably end up being more expensive overall because I would have to keep buying more every month as well. Condoms are also an extra thing I would have to think about and plan on having, which can ruin the mood if there isn't one around or I have to hurry and buy some because I ran out. Diaphragms and the ring have similar issues that make an IUD seem worth it. I seriously can't decide what to do. 
     Another thing I have been thinking about concerning an IUD: I don't know when Husband and I will want to have another baby. Do I really want to have to pay for an extra doctor's appointment to have an IUD removed and take the time to do that when it could be in just another year or two? 
     I feel a little insecure to admit this, because I have just barely started to feel recovered from having Squeaker, but I have become even more baby hungry/family hungry since having her around. She is so amazing and I can picture her running around with other children, taking them to the zoo and the library, going hiking and picnicking together, reading books to them, running through sprinklers in the summer. I want her to have a sibling, obviously not right away, but not any longer than 3 years from now either. 

     So, this post is a rant from a new mother who is indecisive and feeling a little stressed about something that should be an easy choice. I have talked to several women, but still no conclusion and would love more help. Anyone else have some advice or input?


  1. Aly, there is a commercial stating that Mirena IUD can be very dangerous and dislodge. Women need to do research and speak openly with their doctor and reflect seriously about serious matters.

    Lydia grows more beautiful with each picture and the 3 of you are a beautiful family. Can't wait for you to come down so I can hug all of you!


  2. I have tried to get a Mirena IUD twice. My cervix just will not accept one. I found the experience to be invasive, extremely painful (I swear worse than childbirth), I was extremely emotional afterwards, and I still had to pay for it both times, even though they couldn't get it inside me. I really wanted one too. Bryan and I have tried condoms. We got pregnant through them. And regular birth control pills really mess with my hormones. I'm extremely sensitive to medications. I'm not saying you'll have any of these problems. My sister in law, Tiffany had an IUD. She loved it. My younger sister in law got pregnant through condoms too. Supposedly (a nurse told me at my appointment), the Mirena IUD releases the hormones in your uterus. So it's not like birth control pills because they don't have to travel through your blood stream. She said very few women are affected by the hormones because of that. So... all in all, I guess I'm trying to say, I have no idea. I have had three kids and struggled with figuring out birth control the entire time. I have eventually had to have my tubes tied. It was not a decision I made lightly. I still have a hard time with it. I had to do it to save my life, not because I wanted to stop having kids. I hope you can find some method of birth control that you feel safe about and comfortable with. But I agree, it is a painful process.

    1. I'm sorry that birth control has proven to be difficult for you as well. It seems to be something that everyone has different opinions about. Thanks for letting me know your experience, I think I'll end up trying an IUD and go from there. Hopefully it goes well and my fears don't come true.